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Twyne Showcase 2016

So according to the internet, Quentin Tarantino is rumoured to have directed 2016… Initially we agreed with this sentiment but then we started discussing it in the office and we concluded that every single year is a difficult year. Every year is filled with challenges. Every single year comes with its amazing high’s and its not so amazing lows… Is this not the nature of creativity? Can you imagine a year that passed us by without anything unexpected happening, a year that just chugged along with the daily routine of less thinking, more doing and absolutely no sense of accomplishment? A year with no passion, where working fast trumps quality time spent crafting ideas, where the only intrinsic reward from our labours is the opportunity to go home mildly satisfied…

A year as challenging as 2016 means that we got to go to work every day welcomed by the opportunity to invent something new. We’re confronted with intellectual challenges that have no obvious answers, we partner with smart, interesting and curious colleagues to solve them with words, pictures, stories and new technologies. We don’t have to punch a time clock. We’re not ruled by quotas. We may have to tolerate a fair amount of pressure and stress, but we rarely endure the burden of boredom. We can create, improve people’s lives, connect one another for the greater good, or just lighten up someone’s day. How lucky are we!

So with all that said, we want to take this chance to say thank you 2016. You kept your cards very close to your chest, and almost nailed us a few times with your sudden death plays (seriously, who didn’t think it was the end when Bowie died). You hit us low and tackled us high, you pushed us right to the precipice only to pull us back again and you were relentless… BUT you gave us no option but to think out of the box, to bust through our comfort zones, to experiment, to use every ounce of our creative mojo, to think big, to laugh loud, to love the daily ride, to take life in our stride and to always, always see the colour. We are so proud to showcase some of our 2016 projects below, and we just know that 2017 is going to be a humdinger!


McCain Recipe Shoot

A real highlight of our year – From recipe development, to the actual photo shoot, this imagery is then used to produce stunning desk calendars and diaries for McCain distributors.

McCain desk pads

Using imagery from the McCain photoshoot, we produce diaries and deskpads for McCain’s distributors.

Filo CI

A beautifully fresh new CI for Filo Frozen Yoghurt. We also created stationary and menu boards for their new stores.

Mango OMC

When communication is your business, you will need a CI to reflect this. This CI was created with the client in mind and also incorporated a brand new website as well as stationary elements.


An initiative for the community, by the community, the Eyethu Skate Park initiative is a labour of love for the Twyne team. A stunning CI was created, a brand-new crown funding platform was built and we also manage their fund raising and social media pages.

Transparency in Motion

CI development for a new start up including stationary and development of a brand-new website.


CI development and website development for a truly South African entrepreneur. Based on the essence of the client, this stunning CI also incorporated stationary elements.

Sisonke Women’s day

An activation for our Limited Medical Aid scheme to celebrate the women who serve as the primary members support system. A celebrity speaker entertained the ladies with a morning on inspiration and Health Risk Assessments were done an all guests. All collateral for the event was designed by Twyne.

Insight Foresight

A morning of discussions by some of the country’s most influential thought leaders within the Healthcare industry. Décor and all event collateral was conceptualised and designed by Twyne.

Premier wellness day

A Wellness Initiative leading up to a Wellness Day. Vinyl floor branding, posters, desk drops, mailers, pull up banners and other collateral was designed by Twyne.

Hand Crafted Coasters

Year end gifts for one of our clients who are a PR agency. Because they deal daily with communication, we conceptualised a gift that speaks to their brand. We also incorporated their logo into the design and best of all, an NGO created the gift, so it had a conscious ripple effect.

Christmas gifts for our very special Twyne clients.

These lovely mindful colouring in books will give our clients the opportunity to really unwind over the festive season. Packed with a set of eco friendly colouring in pencils, this gift supports Autism awareness.

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