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Thinking creatively – an everyday exercise with some help from Elton and a bag of Nik Naks.

Think about it. Human beings are born creative and we are quite literally taught at every turn to be uncreative as we grow up. When we are little, we are praised for putting an empty bag of Nik Naks over our heads, running around singing Rocket Man and reaching for the stars, but can you imagine if one of your colleagues tried that during the Monday morning strat session… Go directly to Jail, do not pass go, do not get your R 200.

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because being creative isn’t necessarily about putting a makeshift “helmet” on and jumping off the roof to explore the nearest galaxy, but we are definitely taught to ‘get real’, to stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ and to keep our feet on the ground in order to get a good job and be the upstanding citizens we are all destined to be… But we say no! We say let innovation be our jet propellers and let out-of-the-box thinking be the creative rocket ship that we are going to blaze a trail through the Milky Way in!

Research has proven that non-creative behaviour is learned over time and that although most children are born as “creative geniuses” they lose this creative edge as they mature. Tragic isn’t it? Luckily, at Twyne, we live in a world where creativity is the order of the day, and we are 100% mindful of the fact that living a truly creative life means training creativity and innovation every single day. And thanks to our wonderfully diverse, sometimes serious and sometimes extremely quirky set of clients, even if the creative bug is having a rest day, we are forced to crank up the volume on new ideas, up the hue’s on colourful concepts and break the boundaries of ordinary – each and every day!

Have a look at the truly creative 2019 that our team has had so far, with some of our awesome projects that motivate our daily mental push-ups… ok, maybe some days we just eat the Nik Naks, crank up the Elton John and let the empty bag be our guide.


Aligned CI and Website

Ideas and good intentions are not enough. Creativity and innovation must be equally matched by courage and determination in the long hard slog of putting ideas into practice. We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment expressed on the stunning website that we developed for Alignd. We also did their entire CI which we are extremely proud of.



Alison Godenir

A Trend and Behaviour Alchemist. A GenBlender. A Keynote Speaker. And Entrepreneur. But most of all one of the most colourfully creative Doyenne’s we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Have a look at the gorgeous Corporate Identity we created for this warrior woman, it’s truly some of our best work!


SC Johnson Game of Thrones conference

A new dawn has risen on SC Johnson and also some of their most iconic brands. The future? Unwritten. The story? Untold. But as this tale unfolds it is one that is set to be the greatest ever proclaimed… And Twyne got the awesome privilege of creating all the Game of Thrones-inspired collateral for their recent sales conference.


Foresight Conference

what if… the evidence changes? we have a healthcare disaster? we had a more holistic view of our quantified self? people started living a lot longer? what if… we could find a way to achieve universal health coverage? what if… we could fix our economy? we could find a better way to manage chronic disease? we could align incentives in the healthcare system?  what if… we could improve outcomes, save money and give doctors back their autonomy?

This was the theme that inspired Insight Actuaries and Consultants’s annual Foresight Dialogues. The theme this year was What If and the event was simply spectacular.


To see more of the creative thinking done by our team this year, visit our Behance Profile!



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