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Branding is our collective passion. Intertwining our skills in design, CI development, art direction, copy, client-service, production, media and management we create interactive brand experiences that put your brands into the consumer’s hands. Based on sound strategy, astute positioning and attention to detail, these experiences weave your brands into the fabric of consumer life, creating lasting presence, maximum brand awareness, recall and of course ROI (Return On Ideas).

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Strategy | Brand Architecture | Corporate Identity Development | Design | Illustration | Photography | Campaign Development | Art Direction | Copywriting | Corporate Communication


Our digital arm, Fabriek helps smart brands to deliver interactive media experiences and channel-relevant content in a way that resonates with their audience. We focus on user experience design implementation and content generation services across web, mobile, tablet and other emerging digital platforms. We are passionate about using the perfect blend of strategy, design and technology to deliver impactful results for your business.

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Strategy | Marketing | Social Media | Website | Publishing | Marketing | Campaign Development

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We entrench your brand through experiential marketing, conveying your message through an event, a live performance, a person-to-person interaction, even a conversation. The experience, more than just a message, is an engagement of all the senses; it is your brand story brought to life at coordinated touch points. In the great tradition of story-telling, it is your brand made tangible, entertaining, educational and deeply memorable.

We can tie it together with:

Strategy | Concepts | Project Management | Collateral | Productions | Technical


GE:SKENK is the result of a belief in creating opportunity to make a real, positive and tangible difference in the lives of our disadvantage communities, by channelling a proportion of some of the approximately R9-billion annual spend on corporate gifting back into registered Non-government Organisations (NGO’s) , non-profit Organisations (NPO’s) , not-for-profit Companies (NPCs) and For-Profit Organisations., without compromising on the quality of the output. Together with our remarkable clients we offer opportunities for people to earn a living with dignity and support and sustain their families.

Conscious Gifting

Directly translated as “TO:DONATE”, GE:SKENK came to life to harness the power of corporate gifting to uplift the communities in which we operate. We provide concept-driven, bespoke gifting solutions premised on a ‘pay-it-forward’ ideology. With vast experience in brand marketing, we source goods, services and materials from non-profit organisations and disadvantaged local community groups, boosting socio-economic development and promoting progress.

The result: social investment with ongoing positive ripple effects, achieved through meaningful, bespoke gifting solutions for your business or brand. We call it ‘the gift that keeps on giving’!

We can tie it together with:

Concepts | Sourcing | Project Management | BEE Benefit options | Packaging | Communication

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About Us

We’d like nothing more than for you to meet the team. So, if we sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with, you know what to do! We are privileged to have embraced the future of virtual work-forces a few years ago, so wherever you may be, there will always be a strand waiting to accommodate your request!

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