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Grab a hat from our rack – we have so many to choose from!

Can you believe that the end of 2018 is right upon us? It has been such a complete rollercoaster of a ride – new beginnings, new ways of creatively tackling some awesome projects, a new work space and a new level of consciousness in terms of what we offer and how do it. It really is always such an experience for us when we take the time to reflect on the year and collectively take a snapshot of our creations, but also to take the time to be grateful for the amazing projects that we have been involved in. It gives us an immense sense of pride, but it also makes us realise just how many creative hats we wear without even realising it!


So, with this in mind let’s look back at 2018 and see just exactly what was on our hat rack.

First things first, it’s honestly hats off to our amazing team for the amazing Corporate Identity and Brand development projects that they have worked on this year. From concept right through to final Corporate Guideline creation, it’s always such an incredible journey for us to start out with a vision and from there bringing it to life! 

One of the most exciting projects that we were lucky to be a part of this year was the rebranding of SA Florist. From the minute we were introduced to this iconic brand we knew we had found our proverbial creative soulmates. Just the change in name from SA Florist to Bloomable got our creative juices flowing – Bloom = “A heart based craft business” and -able “Enabling people to thrive by connecting them through e-commerce”. How exciting to be a part of the growth of a conscious business, based on the heart, that values the ethos of social entrepreneurship and sustainability! We found our inspiration right at the start of our research into their business, through the founding principle that is entrenched in their brand. We developed a visual brand story using contemporary and clean design elements, with a brand-new logo, stunning colour palettes and uncluttered font options. As purveyors of joy, the act of enabling, helping and loving has been part of their business from the start, and we are so proud that we could play such a pivotal role in creating an identity for a company that delivers their craft with all of their heart!


Innovative Events


We certainly got to add more feathers to our cap this year by conceptualising and co-ordinating innovative events for two of our most valued clients. The first event was the 3rd Annual Foresight Dialogues Thought leadership event by Insight Actuaries and Consultants. A day to open up dialogue around healthcare and technology within the South African Health landscape. The event has always been synonymous with thought provoking and engaging TED style talks by some of the industry’s greatest minds and most captivating speakers and the theme and décor had to underpin this at every turn.


The second event was a celebration of coming full circle on the first birthday of a company that we had the pleasure of developing a brand identity for in 2017, Percept. With an identity developed around the Enzo circle, this became a day to celebrate those who walked the path with them for their first full year in business. They wanted to share their success, create a sense of community, for both staff and clients, a day to mingle, connect and truly share appreciation. It was an incredible experience for all involved.



Social Awareness



From innovative event concepts and co-ordination, we then moved into a Social Awareness space when we were asked to create an air pollution campaign for EIMS, an environmental impact company. They wanted to highlight the importance of air pollution awareness in informal settlements and they required a communications campaign and a mascot to raise awareness and convey their message in an easy to understand and memorable way. Meet eMoya, guardian of the skies, and spokesperson for clean, healthy air. We conceptualised and developed this character through in-depth research into the market and developed the campaign name, the character name, the campaign manifesto and campaign support collateral.



Website Design


We all got the opportunity to put on our thinking caps with a range of website design and development projects throughout 2018. We assisted brands to deliver interactive media experiences and channel-relevant content in a way that not only resonated with their audiences but also delivered responsive website design and content creation across all digital platforms.




Gorgeous McCain Photoshoot


We could almost eat our hats on some of the delicious food related projects we have worked on this year. New photographic techniques and graphic trends continuously emerge, which means that we get to really let our creative juices flow with food photography and styling. Every occasion has become an opportunity for consumers to Instagram their plate and across the board, from a gorgeous McCain food shoot, to the design of food category brochures, to a trade presenter for Blue Ribbon, and even an HR toolkit for the Taste Holdings staff, we pushed the boundaries of flavourful creativity until every taste bud tingled. We definitely had some tasty projects that we really enjoyed getting our teeth into!



Our Labour of Love


Finally, our labour of love sister company, Geskenk Conscious Gifting, completely cemented the idea of “when the hat fits, wear it” for us. We are a company made up of thinkers, do-ers, givers and philanthropists, and we simply know no other way than to consciously create. We are proud to not only recognise the incredible talent that we have in our country, but to harness it and create opportunities for the greater good – Conscious gifting that has tangible ripple effects for all involved. We had the absolute privilege to be a part of amazing projects this year where we conceptualised gift options and then worked with artisans to bring these concepts to life. We have been tirelessly working behind the scenes to take Geskenk to new heights next year, so watch this space for bigger, better, greener and more conscious initiatives!


We don’t know when to throw the hat in, we don’t pick and choose which hats we are going to wear on a particular day and we are definitely creatively as mad as hatters… We wear many, and boy, we do love how different they can be when it comes to applying our design thinking on a project. They challenge us, excite us, push us to learn new skills, and sometimes we like to keep one on a little longer than some of the others. But no matter what hat we are challenged to wear, we love that not a single one if them is anything less than extraordinary! 

Hold on to your hats because 2019 – we are ready for you!

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