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Creatives can change the world – and they should!

In our industry we are extremely lucky to work on so many amazing projects, but every now and then a project rolls through into our studio that is simply life changing.

Meet the Eyethu Skatepark Initiative.  A labour of love that literally fell onto our door step – well the doorstep of out tribe leader Vicki Scheffel.

As a resident of the gorgeous seaside village of Hout Bay, Vicki has always been a solid philanthropist within her community, so when she heard the birds tweeting about the potential construction of a  community space where the kids of Hout Bay and the informal settlements surrounding it could safely embrace their childhood’s she knew she had to be involved!

The idea to build a skatepark was born from the sheer number of young people in Hout Bay who have absolutely no safe space. For the residents of Hout Bay a safe area to skate will open up a future filled with possibilities that most could never even dream of.

Twyne jumped on board straight away and with creative juices simply bursting, the Eyethu Skatepark identity came to life.

EYETHU is a Nguni word meaning ours. It is also an affirmation of shared ownership or partnership. It is the promise of a safe space where people from all walks of life can share and experience common interests through skating and other sporting activities.


A half pipe is probably one of the most simple and easily identifiable structures in the world of skateboarding. With this in mind the “Y” of the word EYETHU has been used to create a representation of a half pipe in the logo for the Eyethu Skate Park. The two “E”’s have both been placed facing inward – this also symbolise “seeing eye to eye” – seeing each other, facing our challenges and acknowledging our differences but celebrating the strong pillar of “ONENESS” we are striving for through creating this skate park, they form the solid foundation on which this half-pipe rests. This solid foundation is also a symbol of the vision of a safe public space for the residents of Hout Bay.

From this logo and identity development, a website, a crowd funding platform, a social media presence and numerous events have come to life.





Creativity is our very essence. It’s how we express who we are – from how we dress to how we think; from what we say to how we leave our mark on the world.

Without creativity – creative problem solving, creative thinking – we don’t have a hope of making a positive difference in the world. We need to think outside of the box to come up with real, innovative, workable solutions to the problems that face us.


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