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We’ve reached the end of the year (and the end of our line) and we’re calling a wrap on what’s been a tremendous 2014.

Yup, it’s been a massive year for us at Twyne, with a long list of memorable milestones to mention. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to brag…I mean, detail a few of our more admirable accolades from the past year.   


This year, Twyne was proud to buy into Cape Town-based digital publishing house and boutique design studio, Fabriek.

Fabriek helps smart brands deliver interactive media experiences and channel-relevant content in a way that resonates. Specialising in digital publishing, Fabriek has taken a host of household brands right to their consumers’ fingertips using state-of-the-art digital publishing technology and engagement-driven content design.

Now there’s truly no stopping us when it comes to offering 360° turnkey creative content solutions!

For more: www.fabriek.co.za



With our growing Cape Town staff complement (including the Fabriek team, of course), what better way to scream “surf’s up” than by creating a SUP lifestyle brand from the ground up.

SUPA – Africa’s first digital SUP lifestyle magazine was executed in partnership with our Fabriek team. Cumulatively, we built the brand’s corporate and visual identities, pulling the design elements through into a super-slick magazine design.

Then, we pumped the publication full of engaging, rich-media content and managed the distribution of the e-zine through various channels, including social media.

From tip-to-tail, a swell job, if you ask me (…do-doom-ch).

For more: www.supafricamag.co.za





Regiments has successfully assisted the public sector for a decade, helping them to effectively roll out on their infrastructure mandates.

Considering Regiments had never truly communicated themselves before – neither internally nor externally, we had to start from scratch developing their corporate, brand and visual identities, applying these visual foundations to their marketing and communications collateral.

From a strategic perspective, we developed an intricate communications plan, which saw a 3 year go-to-market strategy come to fruition, with a classy internal branding strategy to compliment it.

From concept to launch and beyond, we delivered a plethora of top-class marketing output for our big buffalo brand in 2014. Oh and our larger-than-life puppet creatures deserve a special mention because: GIANT PUPPET CREATURES.

For a more comprehensive look at what we did for Regiments: http://blog.twyne.co.za/re-launching-regiments-a-string-of-meaningful-events/






Annually, McCain sponsors the Tribute to Good Taste component of Hostex at the CTICC, where amateur and professional chefs battle it out for the TTGT title!

This year, we developed our trendiest and most technically tantalizing visual identity yet, with a super slick, tummy-rumblingly robust and an on-brand look and feel.

We created a host of marketing collateral, from print ads, to online banners, to e-mailers and more. These served to attract chefs to our mouthwatering microsite, where they could interact with the brand and submit their own recipes (using McCain products, of course) into a Pinterest-like library for the pros and public to judge (and drool over).

We worked hand-in-hand with PR functions to ensure these B2B communications were consistently “hand-fed” to our audiences. YUM!


Screen-Shot-2014-12-18-at-1.39.03-PM2 Home-Page-Mock-Ups21


We were asked to assist in building and launching a brand called Insight Actuaries and Consultants. Starting at square one, we brainstormed creative concepts and came up with a blend of ideas seeded in mathematics, with an organic slant:

We began with a paradigm – a set of forms, all of which contain a particular element – a cognitive framework, if you will. Then, we began exploring geometric shapes. We looked at triangles because they’re considered infinitely powerful, which led us to the impossible object – the Penrose Tribar, described as impossibility in its truest form. We then looked at recurring patterns in numbers – Pi, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence – numbers that create patterns in data, in humanity and in nature. Cooooool.

We then gave our concept a unique twist: Insight = sight = vision = patterns = fractals = data = processing = seeing through = KALEIDOSCOPIC REFLECTIONS! Why? Kaleidoscopes could be likened to the way in which ‘Insight’ observes and examines business data, issues and problems, assesses and analyzes this data through a myriad of perspectives and processes, within an eclectic scope of products and services, and then emits resolution at the end of this complex process, delivering a beautiful formation.

From concept to CI and VI, to corporate stationery, to a responsive website, to print ads and animated logo builds, to CPT and JHB events of the highest order, we’ve truly built this brand from the ground up – and it’s only just the beginning! Next year we get to really take the brand to market through a 360° go-to-market strategy.





7th Element, our longstanding events, activations and experiences partner, approached us to rebrand their business. We assessed what the brand did, how they did it, to whom they did it for and what they stood for, and crafted the outcomes into a seamless and poignant creative concept.

The 7th Element name stems from the theatrical production, ‘Sundays in the Park with George’ by Steven Sondheim. The story speaks of 7 elements: order, design, attention, composition, balance, light and harmony.  Amongst the key roles in the story, Chromolume #7 – a fictional colour and light machine, becomes a key focus for the brand.

Our concept exists as the 7 elements are processed inside Chromolume #7’s head, erupting in a plethora of colours and lights, and delivering an exquisite brand experience. These dynamic processes gave us an idea: create a CI that constantly changes based on situation!

We used Rorschach-type inkblots, where unstructured, mirrored shapes, are left open for a viewer’s interpretation. These bilaterally symmetrical inkblots are intended to evoke emotion in the viewer, allowing space for their own subjective interpretation, revealing an underlying personality structure. This creates a dynamic message, as the viewer’s interpretation becomes core to analyzing the visual communications.

7th-Element-Logo2 Stationary



Every year, we have the privilege of designing the McCain Foodservice desk pads, diaries and wall calendars. Every year we up our game. This year was no different.

With a concept of farm-to-fork freshness, and with the objective of targeting specific foodservice channels using strategically themed recipes, we worked closely with various stakeholders to develop tastefully tactical recipes, sumptuously stunning food styling, and formidable photography to match.

The final product – incredibly beautiful and equally functional desk pads, diaries and calendars that not only exhibited McCain products in their finest final form, but also, had a strong product focus, communicated implicitly and thematically according to channel-specific occasion.

Grub’s up, julle!

mockup-Diary-closed-sunset End-papers Contact-details-page Deskpads1






Frank Vos, former CEO of Miele South Africa, started a 360° business consulting company and approached us to develop his brand – no Sir, we insist, the pleasure is all ours.

Mr. Vos (Vos meaning ‘Fox’ in Dutch) wanted to base his brand on the European Fox – a symbol of cunning, strategy, determination and wit.

We felt the use of a fox as the benchmark of our conceptual thinking, was both fitting and unique. The concept had legs (no pun intended) to extend into various types of communications, seamlessly.

In terms of the logo design, we aimed to portray the link between man and beast – between Frank and the fox, through the use of typography and iconography.

By integrating certain fox-like features into the lettering itself, we achieved the ability to introduce the personality and identity of the fox, as well as the charm of the man behind the name, through typographical logo design.

From there, we developed the full suite of corporate stationery, a responsive website and more. Our paper selection and printing techniques exemplified the earthiness and authenticity of the fox, whilst not skimping on luxury and sophistication. So too did our wax stamp letter seals, which hit the nail on the fox’s head – Hup Holland Hup!

For more: www.vosconsulting.co.za

Logo.indd Untitled-11



Snackworks, a subsidiary of Anglo Vaal Industries and owner of brands like Bakers, Pyotts, Provita and Baumann’s, asked us to develop their 2014 product catalogue. Snackworks is one of our favourite clients, so needless to say, we said…DEFINITELY!

With a comical deli theme, we gave the business catalogue a lighthearted flair, spreading the information into easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks (pun intended).

Digital-Product-Catalogue-cover Digital-Product-Catalogue-P2 Digital-Product-Catalogue-P3




Finally, we’d like to welcome Sisonke Health – a health insurance provider to the mining sector, to the Twyne stable.

With their product brochures and member guides already under our belt, we look forward to unearthing many more precious projects with this awesome company.

Plan-brochures1 Member-guide-examples1


Waving goodbye to a year filled with great ideas – thoughts that manifested into mesmerizing memories, we leave you with one final thought for the road:

Pull the string, and it will follow wherever you wish. Push it, and it will go nowhere at all.

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