About Twyne


Established in Johannesburg in 2004, Twyne was founded on the principles of integrity, transparency, humility, excellence and communication. Flourishing creativity and a strong work ethic saw this small company, with big dreams, grow from success to success, to become the hub of ideas and immaculate execution, for which we’re so well known today. “Building endearing relationships is the cornerstone of any marketing effort, and keeping people connected is a means of sustaining loyalty, longing and widespread value”, says Twyne owner, founder and creative director, Vicki Scheffel.

“In essence connecting people is what we do, and it’s what we do best. Ideas are the benchmark of our success and our client’s overall satisfaction our purpose. We’re not out to change the world, but we’ll sure give it our best shot while we’re here”! Vicki Scheffel

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We all know that “ROI” is key in determining the successes or shortfalls of any marketing effort. We do too! However, we like to think of it as Return on Ideas. We cultivate, nurture and craft ideas that realize your objectives, so there’s no reason why our business and creative approaches should be any different. Ideas are the lifeblood of our organization. We pride ourselves on innovative, well thought out and strategically sound ideas, which – coupled with some good old hard work and a rock-solid foundation, will bring any marketing, media, or communication strategy to life.

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Branding is our collective passion. Intertwining our skills in design, CI development, art direction, copy, client-service, production, media and management we create interactive brand experiences that put your brands into the consumer’s hands. Based on sound strategy, astute positioning and attention to detail, these experiences weave your brands into the fabric of consumer life, creating lasting presence, maximum brand awareness, recall and of course ROI (Return On Ideas).


Our digital arm, Fabriek helps smart brands to deliver interactive media experiences and channel-relevant content in a way that resonates with their audience. We focus on user experience design implementation and content generation services across web, mobile, tablet and other emerging digital platforms. We are passionate about using the perfect blend of strategy, design and technology to deliver impactful results for your business.


We entrench your brand through experiential marketing, conveying your message through an event, a live performance, a person-to-person interaction, even a conversation. The experience, more than just a message, is an engagement of all the senses; it is your brand story brought to life at coordinated touch points. In the great tradition of story-telling, it is your brand made tangible, entertaining, educational and deeply memorable.


GE:SKENK is the result of a belief in creating opportunity to make a real, positive and tangible difference in the lives of our disadvantage communities, by channelling a proportion of some of the approximately R9-billion annual spend on corporate gifting back into registered Non-government Organisations (NGO’s) , non-profit Organisations (NPO’s) , not-for-profit Companies (NPCs) and For-Profit Organisations., without compromising on the quality of the output. Together with our remarkable clients we offer opportunities for people to earn a living with dignity and support and sustain their families.

Our Team

“Good ideas are common - what’s uncommon are special people who’ll work
hard enough to bring them to life”.

Our closely-knit team is made up of a broad and diverse range of skills bases, allowing for well-rounded and efficient media production. We like to think of ourselves as individual strands that interweave, each contributing toward a more significant, greater whole. Communication is key, especially within an organization with so few, albeit highly talented and multi-skilled employees. We rely on an open-line of communication – both internally, with our clients and with our suppliers, ensuring the most methodical work ethic, efficient turnaround times, effective output and economical pricing structures.

Vicki Scheffel
As Twyne's ruthlessly passionate leader, Vicki has propelled brand after brand into profitable, lasting limelight for more than 15 years. A born visionary, Vicki’s ability to 'intertwine' her tribe's versatility into a strategic, creative and efficient dynamo is certainly unique - and successful! Quirky, cool and determined to make a difference in the world, Vicki’s drive to never deliver anything less than the absolute best is a daily inspiration to the team.
Yolandi Du Plessis
Our studio creative head, Yolandi, is passionate about conceptualizing magical ideas and bringing them to life in her designs. Her skill really lies in understanding brands and how to nail a campaign first time, every time. She heads up our design studio and her never ending desire to outdo each creative challenge that is given to her keeps our design team delivering time after time.
Lindi Kruger
As our senior account manager, Lindi is responsible for making sure each client gets exactly what they need. She is the epitome of professionalism, service and going the extra mile. Client satisfaction is always first prize for Lindi, and her passion for personal service is the driving force behind our client facing team.
Nerine Schoonraad
Nerine is passionate about being creative, and no brief is too big, too small, or too out there for her. With a sound background in design, her diversity and out of the box thinking ensures that her output aligns with our clients’ strategy and objectives consistently. As a true millennial, her passion for integrated design is a unsurpassed and she has a deep understanding of user experience, motion graphics and social media.

About Us

We’d like nothing more than for you to meet the team. So, if we sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with, you know what to do! We are privileged to have embraced the future of virtual work-forces a few years ago, so wherever you may be, there will always be a strand waiting to accommodate your request!

National Vobi: +27 (0) 11 462 0111