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We want a committed relationship! And we want it with you…

It is without a doubt the best time ever to be a woman. Women now have a louder voice and stronger belief in their capabilities than ever before, and aren’t afraid to make it known.  So, with that titbit in mind, we should be embraced as the new big influencers; so how sure are you that your brand is on our radar.

Stats tell us that Women now account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases in the USA and between friends, family and a very vast network of social media connections these Smart and Savvy Sistah’s are putting the word out on what they are swiping their Gold Cards on.

So we have decided to let you in on a few secrets about us:

  • We value relationships.  We are actively going to seek out brands that want to build a loyal relationship with us. Engage, engage, engage! We want to have conversations instead of being told what we should do.
  • We are a demographic on our own; so let us have an opportunity to voice our opinions.  But remember, we are still women, so give us inspirational messaging with gorgeous visuals.
  • Inspire us! Enough said.
  • We want to make a difference.  We want to feel empowered by the products and brands that we are using. Honest, targeted campaigns are the key to winning us over.
  • Our creative expression is huge. For example, we love Pinterest because it has completely adapted to our desire to create and share content with an online community. That same online community that we are going to be punting your brand to if we fall in love with it.
  • We are very likely going to be key influencers in the purchases of our friends and families, and we are the ones who are going to be passing on our brand loyalties to our children, which means that you should be advertising up and down the age spectrum with us.

A vital point to remember when targeting us is that campaigns have taken on a whole new look and we get to be the designers.  The best part is that the idea of ‘we want it all’ is not just an idea any more; it’s a goal that we are quickly accomplishing. We are women, hear us roar!



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