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Understanding the Power of (You)th

Gone are the days when the younger generation are seen and not heard.

The youth of today may be considered young, but they have definitely taken over the proverbial World Wide Web when it comes to consuming brands and expressing their extremely lucrative opinions online. Our younger generation of “Millenials” (born between 1982 and 1994) have become the sought after target market, the go to group, the critical takers and decision makers.  What they say trends, and if they don’t like it, consumers probably won’t even see it, and for Digital Marketers trying to punt Brand Awareness this can be fatal, or as the “young ones” call it an “Epic Fail”. In a nutshell, these kids are the collective voice of ROI.

“The 2015 report issued by social media agency “We Are Social South Africa” revealed that there are 85-million active social media users in Africa.Take that figure and cross-reference it with the United Nations’s statistic of 20% of the African population being aged between 15 and 24 and, boom! we have 17-million youths using social media in Africa.”

Here at Twyne, we fully recognise that African Youth are a force to be reckoned with.  They are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors with regards to their relationship with brands and the media. They are very quick to dismiss an idea if they think that they may be being tricked or that their culture, background, language or tone has been ignored. We fully support any initiatives that promote the empowerment of our youth to become media savvy not only by offering them the tools to be critical consumers, but also by giving them a voice and a platform for that voice to be heard.

In winding up, this market may be our toughest yet, but it is our proud responsibility to actively participate in ensuring South Africa’s youth are – and remain – connected. These days a Tweet is mightier than the sword, so make sure that you are on the winning side of the battle field.

Written by Christine McKeown.


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