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As we take a looping look back at some of the highlights of our year, we can’t help but feel a real sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride.

We’ve taken some truly huge steps as a through-the-line, boutique agency by expanding our business into new industries, our services into new mediums and our own individual skills into previously unchartered territories.

When it all comes together so seamlessly, it makes all the hard work, the long hours and the personal challenges SO worth it!

Needless to say, the ability to pull together as a multi-faceted, dynamic and talented team, led by our guiding light – Vicki Scheffel at the helm, means that we realize opportunities to create unique work with depth, substance and dimension – work that fulfills numerous business objectives at various levels of integrated marketing campaigns.

We’ve packaged some truly incredible brands:

Including the release of Dew Crisp’s new packaging, which can be found on-shelf in all leading retail outlets. In total, we designed the packaging for their entire range of products, all of which now stand out from the crowd, directly in-line with the Dew Crisp brand positioning.



We launched brands off to new, unparalleled heights:

Including the Miele Generation 6000 range of sophisticated, luxury appliances. The sleek, sexy and sophisticated look reiterates Miele’s positioning as manufacturer of the world’s finest appliances.



We also developed a full array of marketing collateral, including brand identity and image elements and traditional and digital assets for numerous startups, including MYMY Organic Clothing, amongst others, and conducted a full logo and CI rebrand for companies including, InterMarketing, amongst others


We’ve threaded through the depths of cyberspace:

Creating high-level websites, which utilize the latest technologies, functionality, superb design and well-thought-out logic and algorithms. The McCain foodservice website is one serious notch on our digital belt and can be viewed by clicking here. To bring these websites to the consumer, we offer superior Google Search, Display and AdWords services, compounded by engaging social media campaigns.



We’ve crowned our clients with powerful brand equity:

Including the widespread awareness created through a (still ongoing) 6 month FR!KA birthday celebration campaign, whereby we created beautiful, interactive artwork and negotiated a media schedule worth countless times its paid value. We hosted a competition, which took the form of user generated content across MMS, email and social media and which will culminate in crowning the new face of FR!KA with associated media coverage.



We’ve served endless brand value for any occasion:

As seen in the numerous McCain Foodservice images included. From illustrated and interactive desk pad calendars, to menu planning, styling and photography, to sales aid and visi-aid conceptualization, development, production and more, to a complete 360 degree educational sales campaign into executive management at major nationwide retailers, we have outdone ourselves yet again for this very special client of ours!

It’s important to note that we’re always involved from concept, to menu development, to food styling, to photographic assistance – we’re there every step of the way, even before we enter the design and production phase!







We created demand with an endless menu of creative persuasion:

Including having designed a host of traditional and digital marketing assets and material for a series of national cooking workshops, featuring celebrity chefs for our new client, Pillsbury. Again, we’re always involved from concept, to menu development, to food styling, to photographic assistance –  every element, every step of the way, Twyne is there to make sure things are just perfect – finish en klaar!




We’ve pitched for new business & won by a mile:

Most notably, for winning the Regiments Capital account across two rounds of pitches against several top ten, tier one international agencies. 2014 is going to be a big year for this special partnership!



We’ve also given back in the way we know best:

By providing full, superior marketing solutions to small companies, who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to excel in their particular industries. CR8 Carpentry and Comm(Unity) Drop off Day were amongst those who received pro-bono assistance from the full Twyne team during the course of the year.




Now we’re happy to send this calendar off with a smile!

We’ll see you bright ‘n early in 2014 for yet another action-pack year at Twyne Ideas Company! If you like what you see, don’t forget to drop us a line on our famous Twyne website by clicking here.

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