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The brains behind the brawn:

Regiments has successfully assisted the public sector for a decade, helping them to effectively roll out on their infrastructure mandates. It’s organisations like Regiments that see national pipe dreams become a reality. So, in keeping with our ethos of giving back, Regiments seemed like the perfect client fit for Twyne!

How it all began:

In November 2013, we were invited to pitch for the Regiments account. Up against a handful of top-tier agencies, we won the pitch, investing a boatload of intellectual property and execution excellence into our proposal – something our clients have come to expect from us. So, prior to securing the account, we had already built a bank of ideas worthy only of the best and fortunately, the best in the biz bit and Regiments became our most recent key account.

A journey of monumental proportions:

Considering Regiments had never truly communicated themselves before – neither internally nor externally, we had to start from scratch developing their corporate, brand and visual identities. Then, we needed to apply these visual foundations to their marketing and communications collateral. From a strategic perspective, we needed to develop an intricate communications plan, which would see a 3 year go-to-market strategy come to fruition, with a classy internal branding strategy to compliment it.

Now for the juicy stuff:

First, we updated their logo and developed a range of educational collateral to explain why we undertook this process to the staff. Have a look at this awesome animation we did for their employees:

We continued applying their new brand guidelines to a comprehensive CI document, which included the full suite of corporate stationery, of course.


 Our state-of-the-art website followed suit, with endless cool functions and beauty to boot. To view the Regiments site, please follow this link: www.regiments.co.za, or have a squizz at the screenshot below.



We went on great photographic expeditions, shooting their entire staff compliment’s corporate portraits.

IMG_7374-as-Smart-Object-11 IMG_77911



We also secured Circa on Jellicoe as a location to photograph their Executive Chairman’s official portrait. Lekker.

Professional Photographer


We applied our new brand guidelines, design elements and collateral to a host of advertisements… Nice, right?

09_11_2014 01 01bt0911BusinessCareers_AL_pag0015

Pinnacle-G2G-DPS-advert-P Business-Coverage-Real-Estate-DPS-P


It’s probably worth mentioning that we also came up with a killer pay-off line for them, with help from our genius writer. Because hey, why not! Our rationale in short: Regiments aren’t just about finance. They enable business ideas that help build our country; they enable progress in everything they do. Hence, their new pay-off-line:

Corporate logo + reverse.indd


What path does the buffalo roam?

Now, with a host of well-thought-out creative collateral, we needed a platform to host it. Media! In conjunction with our media partner we developed a thorough media strategy. But every great media strategy needs a great creative campaign. So, we rolled out a strategically solid and creatively captivating campaign, steeped in rich African folklore. Our story is told through the eyes of a wise village elder, whose stories educate, empower, inspire and enable – a metaphor for the value creation Regiments delivers through their infrastructure development.

Here’s our elder, played by the talented Atandwa Kani, telling stories at an EXCO strategy getaway:



Now for more juicy stuff!

As it so happened, Regiments celebrated their ten year anniversary this year. In doing so, they requested that we orchestrate their ten year anniversary celebration event – and boy oh boy, orchestrate we did!



In celebrating their tenth anniversary milestone, we began building the foundations for an event of monumental proportions. Our event would be steeped in African tradition and folklore (in line with our storyteller theme), but it would be executed in a lavish, ultra-contemporary way; it would be a night of unparalleled entertainment, joyous celebration, invaluable gratitude and important business communications.

From concept to completion, here’s how the night unraveled:

Teasing the beast:

Months in advance, we began sending out teaser emails, enticing the guests to attend by providing them with tantalising, suspense-building snippets of how things were going to unfold, whilst giving them the opportunity to sync their calendars or RSVP via a microsite.





As the event drew nearer, we created the most beautiful RSVP pack (yes, we’re tooting our own horn). This well-thought-out brand experience was hand delivered, giving guests further insight into the Regiments story and what was to occur on the night. Mission all-round amazing direct marketing, ACCOMPLISHED!

20141126_105120s 20141126_105002s 20141126_104757s 20141126_104325s 20141126_104520s






Please say yes:

Concurrently, a host of emailers went out to Regiments’ staffThese emotive emailers not only created a buzz, they also promoted engagement, prompting staff to share their thoughts around the brand, the anniversary and the business via an interactive microsite.

Teasers2 Click-through3



Branding the buffalo, internally:

In partnership with our sister company, Fabriek, we created two beautiful, interactive digital publications, which sought to educate Regiments staff about:

1)      Their new brand identity (vision, mission, values, etc) via a beautifully-crafted manifesto animation and the deconstruction of the meaning therein.





2)      Their new brand look and feel, including all visual elements, photography, marketing material, website and more.


Screen-Shot-2014-11-27-at-9.39.15-AM Screen-Shot-2014-11-27-at-9.50.04-AM


We’re into the final stretch:

With all stakeholders aligned to our thinking, and with the (figurative) buffalo rearing to go, the big night was upon us and it was time to put everything we had worked so hard towards into practice.

Upon red carpet welcome to Sandton Convention Centre, guests were greeted by our beautiful hostesses…



…and offered a photo against our banner wall.



Our esteemed guests, including the Minister of Finance, the Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, various MECs, VVIPS, staff and partners, were then ushered into our stylish reception room for some casual mingling.


IMG_0206s IMG_0051s1


Soweto String Quartet kicked things off with a local-meets-classical cacophony of sound.



Our guest speaker, the Minister of Finance, honourable Nhlanhla Nene then addressed the audience.



All the while, delicious canapés and welcome drinks were served.







We then revealed the awe-inspiring banquet hall to our guests, much to their amazement.

IMG_0045-2s IMG_0045s IMG_0010s IMG_0054s





No bull. Just buffalo:

With our event maestro, Michael at the helm, the main event unfolded, starting with our opening dance ensemble – a powerful downtown-themed performance from the heart of the city. David Mathamela, having choreographed African Footprint and The Lion King, made sure our dancers’ moves were nothing short of world-class.

Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-502s Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-503s



Robin Banks – a renowned motivational speaker and our MC for the night then took the stage, leaving everyone in stitches of (inspired) laughter… and yes, also doing the necessary housekeeping.



Tantalising plated starters were then served to whet our guests’ appetites!



In conjunction with our production wizard partners, a plethora of visual experiences were created. First, we screened our CSI Langa Library documentary, filmed in Langa – Cape Town.

Watch this tear-jerker below.

We also created a cutting-edge corporate AV, expressing who Regiments is and what they do.

Watch this hard-hitting business video below:

Grub’s up, folks! Our guests then savoured the flavours and sounds of Africa, as they enjoyed a delectable dinner dish of their choice, accompanied by the sweet sounds of Buskaid. Aibo!



Buskaid helps grow talented classical musicians from townships and thus, provided a vehicle for Regiments to plough back into communities, enabling our country to thrive and to grow.

Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-140s Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-718s



Regiments’ Story: The brand’s first creative campaign.

Our night culminated in our feature performance – something never seen before – something that not only sought to empower and educate, but something that intended to move people, inspire a nation and promote an emotional connection to the brand. We developed a theatrical tale that took the form of an intricate African waterhole story, where a herd of buffalo work together to overcome great adversity, saving their calf from a pride of marauding lion. This scenario has been known to occur in nature, where African buffalo – individually formidable and collectively unstoppable, work together to achieve unfathomable feats, often in encounters with hungry lion.

For a prime example of this phenomenon, click here and watch Battle of Kruger – one of the worlds’ most iconic nature videos:

Twyne’s twist on a great tale:

Our rendition took the form of a larger-than-life puppet show, featuring Roger Titley’s ‘creatures’, masked dancers and a plethora of high definition screens, exhibiting animated content that set the scene for the live elements on stage – an environment in which the creatures could live

sRegiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-226 sRegiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-430 sRegiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-346 sRegiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-332 sIMG_1201






Acclaimed actor, Atandwa Kani, played the role of our wise elder down to a T. Wow, but he was goooood!



Executive Chairman, Litha Nyhonyha, takes to the lectern.

Mr. Nyhonyha delivered a poignant and emotive speech that drew on the heartstrings, reflecting on the past, speaking of the present and looking forward into the future!



A short gift-giving ceremony was held, where we arranged for beautiful telescopes to be given away. Why, you ask? Regiments’ logo contains a symbol of the Southern Cross constellation – Alpha Centauri – the guiding light. Looking forward with aspiration, adopting a new vision and progressing forward with direction was perfectly suited for the theme of the evening.



Dessert was then served! Yum!



In closing, we welcomed the groovy tunes of Freshly Ground – a local favourite who serenaded us with their scintillating sounds.

Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-827s Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-711s Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-674s




Guests then danced the night away with our guest DJ spinning the decks!

Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-69s Regiments-Capital-10yr-celebration-event-pictures-108s




A vision for a new era:

At this point, it’s probably worth mentioning that all this hard work didn’t just end up behind closed doors. Because, Twyne. We converted our corporate profile used on the night into a 2 minute version for CNBC Africa and down to a 30 second TVC for Business Day TV.

Watch our 30 second interim TVC below:

We also placed some really killer ads in national press, merging brand ads with corporate profiles to achieve both impact and education – 2 buffalo, one stone, as they say… (?)

09_11_2014 01 01bt0911BusinessCareers_AL_pag0015


Furthermore, we captured the theatrical production in both photography and film. That way, we created marketing collateral out of the beautiful equity encompassed within our production. Yes, we turned a theatrical performance into a 360° content generating extravaganza, creating collateral for an annual print campaign and for a series of stunning television commercials. The result: well, we can’t quite share that with you just yet, but have a look at these behind the scenes shots from the day:

sMO6A5147 sMO6A4542 s_MG_6717




As our annual migration draws to a close, we’re just getting started.

Since securing the Regiments account, we’ve been challenged, we’ve persevered, we’ve conquered and we’ve flourished. I guess there’s something we can all take away from the story of the buffalo – from Regiments’ story: as individuals we may be formidable, but as part of a collective we’re unstoppable. If we act as a unified herd and set our sights on a common vision then there are no limits to what we can achieve.

We look forward to bringing you more great stories and our clients more great successes, as we migrate forward into 2015.

IMG_1619s IMG_1609s IMG_0429s




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