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Moeder . Matri . Madre

Mothers Day gave us the perfect excuse to celebrate those women in our lives who have borne souls into being, and nurtured them with all the love of a lioness! Here are some of our ideas about what it means to be a mother.

‘Mother’ is a noun and a verb! Synonyms for ‘mother’ include: attend to, consider, foster, nurse, nurture, protect, tend, treasure, watch.  This nesting of words describes how ideas are embraced at Twyne: tenderly and tenaciously. In fact, much of the creative process/ idea-creation can be described by the processes of motherhood: from the desire to create, fertility, conception, gestation and finally, the momentous birth.


While male energy is defined as focused, directed, linear and goal-oriented, female energy is distinctly creative, process-oriented, organic and circular. Vicki, our ferociously passionate tribe leader is a marketing matriarch who commands loyalty, respect and unrelenting excellence, pushing us as a tribe beyond the ordinary, beyond the pale.

“Mothers possess a power beyond that of a king on his throne.” 
[ Mabel Hale ]

 When a leader empowers their team from a place of gratitude and love (in contrast to fear and control) the rewarding responses are fierce loyalty, inspired commitment and self-motivated diligence. Creativity is abundant, with each person’s uniqueness channeled into the collective ‘brain’ of Twyne.

With feminine energy being relationship-oriented and not simply goal-based, strong and enduring connections are created. Creating, nurturing and sustaining relationships — within our team, with our suppliers and clients — is a Twynism we believe catalyses each and every one of our successes!

“It takes a female to have a baby,
It takes a woman to raise a child,
It takes a mother to raise them correctly,
It takes a warrior to show them how to change the world.”
[ Shannon L. Alder ]

 At the he(art) of Twyne,is a visionary’s compassionate heart where projects and people are the focus of hope activations and enduring investments , showing that Twyne:An Ideas Company  is a world-changer!

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