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Madiba: The Liberating Power of Ideas

“We stood on our feet. We fought back to keep the idea of liberation alive.”                                                                                           [ Nelson Mandela ]


Nelson Mandela stated that freedom is an idea: an abstract reality. The idea of liberation is a blessing to those with open hearts and minds that thirst for growing change. It is a choking curse for those who crave control and fear change. Mandela’s life is perhaps one of the most exquisitely explicit examples of how an idea can change the world beyond the impossible. The idea: wielding PEACE (founded on the balanced collaboration of both heart and mind) as a weapon of mass reconstruction.

The catalyzing paradox of ‘Madiba’ is how his ideas surrounding liberation and freedom were seeded in total captivity. Albert Einstein’s observation explains just why Madiba’s captivity was the perfect hothouse for germinating ideas surrounding freedom, peace and revolutionary change:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”


The core concept underpinning the invention of ideas and solutions is that wisdom is a question. Ignorant folly – deliberate or otherwise – is terrified of change and prefers its camouflaged captivity of remaining static. Wisdom, however, asks all the questions whose answers become IDEAS. Ideas liberate hearts and minds. Ideas are an ‘evolution revolution’ which is why we, at Twyne, ask questions: courageously creative questions that transform everything we’re given to work with from good to GREAT!

The extraordinary legacy Madiba modeled for us is wisdom tempered by humility of the most heroic kind.

 Tata, we thank you and honour you: for your love, legacy and life.


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