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Living life to his own beat – Twyne web developer and resident DJ, Morne

We have a DJ in the house. Read this small Q&A with our web developer, Morne, about what he does and why he does it.



Photograph by Roxy Klein from Klein Photography


Morne, you are a music producer and a DJ, what exactly does a music producer do?

By definition, a producer is someone that oversees every aspect of a song or album’s recording process. In the electronic music industry this is even more true as pretty much all the instrumental sounds in that track are created by one person.


What kind of music inspires you?

Music that contains emotion is what inspires me, if it comes from an honest place and it makes me feel something, then that artist is doing it right. I listen to pretty much everything.


Are you genre specific when you take to the decks, or do you like to mix it up a bit?

I used to be, and in some cases I still am. Mostly as a DJ I play Psy-trance, Prog-psy and Psychedelic techno. Recently however, I have started playing some sets that aren’t defined my genre boundries, experimenting with the idea of what woud happen if you force your audience to stop dancing and just listen, while adding a very visual element to it as well. So far it has had an amazing response.


If you could have dinner with 3  musicians who would they be and why?

My three musicians/artists I would want to have dinner with would definitely be Imogen Heap, BT & the boys from Odesza. The same reason applies for all three, through my music career these guys have been the three to most influence my inspiration and sound and I would love to have the chance to just sit and talk openly to them about anything and everything.


Can you give us a sample of something you have produced?

Its about 3 years old now, but this is a full album that I released in 2012, it’s a multi genre electronica album that I am just so incredibly proud of:

https://soundcloud.com/mornev/sets/internal-dialogue-universal, or download a copy (for free) from Karana Electronic Music Downloads

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