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Dads, defined.

Saints, sinners and everyday heroes: fathers form an integral foundation upon which families either flourish or falter. Whether it’s the father of a little family of three or the father of a nation, fathers are undoubtedly fundamental in their role as provider, guide and protector.

Two phenomenal fathers who inspired their children to greatness and unshakeable loyalty are the inimitable Cousteau and Jim Henson. Cousteau, his wife Simone and two sons explored the world’s oceans with snorkels and curiosity, broadcasting their findings all over the world in more the eighty documentary films! Cousteau’s almost obsessive reverence for the ocean and its creatures was seeded in his son, Jean-Michel’s heart, who continues his father’s profound legacy of aquatic environmentalism and ocean conservation.

At Twyne, we believe ideas need to be both mothered through intuitive, creative nurturing — then guided forward with sound strategy and solid, protective foundations. This balanced approach to crafting ideas into lasting, profitable ROIs was what made Jim Henson the creative hero he is lauded as today.


The giant-hearted and deeply creative ‘father’ of the Muppets had such an enduring impact on his children, his creative team, the children of the world and the world of puppetry, that each of his five children remain actively engaged as puppeteers and co-own The Jim Henson Company together! Children and grown-up children all over the world are still crazy about this longest-running children’s educational TV show of all time — which can only but be attributed to his playful, heartfelt, trailblazing creativity.

‘He was one of those rare parents who was always ready to play again!’ (Henson’s son, Brian)


Wise ol’ Yoda (or was it Frank Oz?) had this to say about Jim Henson: ‘Yes, he was a wonderful, warm, sweet man — but he was also the strongest man I ever met in character. He was very tough. He worked like a [expletive deleted]. He could get cranky and he got snarky at times … He was a complex guy, but there was that always noble spirit.’

Dads, defined: ‘Nothing is so strong as real gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.’

(St. Francis de Sales)


Let’s make memories for our fathers this Fathers Day – and every day. And, dads — most especially — we thank you for your awesome DADness, dedication and love! Happy Fathers Day!

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