Born Digital

[ Celebrating our young people – our future – this Youth Day, 2014. ] Digital Natives – known also as Generation Y (those born between the 1980s and […]

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As we take a looping look back at some of the highlights of our year, we can’t help but feel a real sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. […]

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4 Ways to ROI, ROI, ROI Your Boat!

  As rivers, though they bend and Twyne, still to the sea their course incline.   October is Marine Month, and to show our unwavering support for our […]

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Word Power, Girl Power!

Twyne is celebrating Women’s Day with our version of balloons & champagne: an IDEA! We’ve conjured up a competition that lets you WORDELIZE your uniqueness and non-duplicable beauty in a self-esteem boosting poll. The collection […]

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Madiba: The Liberating Power of Ideas

“We stood on our feet. We fought back to keep the idea of liberation alive.”                           […]

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Kid, You’ll Move Mountains!

Youth Day commemorates the day when 20 000 young people came together to catalyse positive change, altering the course of the South African story forever. Throughout history, young […]

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Dads, defined.

Saints, sinners and everyday heroes: fathers form an integral foundation upon which families either flourish or falter. Whether it’s the father of a little family of three or […]

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Game on!

AVI Snackworks relies on in-store merchandisers across the country to understand best practice behaviours, tactics and techniques in order to maximize sales of their range of products. With Bakers, Provita, […]

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Moeder . Matri . Madre

Mothers Day gave us the perfect excuse to celebrate those women in our lives who have borne souls into being, and nurtured them with all the love of […]

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With the loving buzz of anticipation that surrounds Valentine’s Day each year, we chose to launch our Brand New Twyne on this special day when memories are made […]

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We’d like nothing more than for you to meet the team. So, if we sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with, you know what to do! With our headquarters based in Johannesburg South Africa, we are privileged to have an ever-increasing national footprint, with representatives in both Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal too. So wherever you may be, there will always be a strand waiting to accommodate your request.
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