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Game on!

AVI Snackworks relies on in-store merchandisers across the country to understand best practice behaviours, tactics and techniques in order to maximize sales of their range of products.

With Bakers, Provita, Pyotts, Big Korn Bites, Flanagans and more within the AVI Snackworks stable, and with an array of competitive products out on display too, it is imperative that merchandisers are educated with regard to product care, product display and cross-merchandising opportunities.

Conveying something as complex as guidelines, rules and regulations can be time-consuming and requires vast resources — not to mention that it could feel like sheer drudgery for those being taught.

This is why we chose gaming to efficiently convey these merchandising principles: because games bypass the logical, left-brain apprehension of theoretical information, providing an exciting, active right-brain experience involving all the senses, and engaging both heart and mind. This whole-body, interpersonal and creative encounter with new information rapidly embeds it into the brain in a way that passive sitting-and-listening could never achieve.

Gamification has become a widely used practice in terms of allowing users to interact with a brand, product or service in an engaging, meaningful and social manner. Whether executed in an analogue or digital way, the ultimate goal of achieving company objectives is gained, those being boosted performance, increased knowledge and inspiring a dedicated effort to reach company targets.


The Supa Snacker Hero


Super-heroes conjure up excited inspiration no matter how much we think we’ve grown up! This is why we created Supa Snacker as the core character of the games series. This character was illustrated in various contexts and environments as a positive source of inspiration for merchandisers.

The ‘Ultimate Supa Snacker’ Game



Similar to ‘Snakes & Ladders’ from our childhood, the first participant or team to cross the finish line wins! The objective of the game is to competitively demonstrate your knowledge of merchandising principles.

Flash and Match



Based on the much-loved game of Snap, this game was designed is to test your knowledge about different cross-merchandising opportunities.


Merchandiser Shelves:

 With this game, merchandising knowledge is put to the test about how in-store shelves should be packed with Snackworks products.


Changing an education system is, in essence, about changing people: minds, hearts and teams.


“Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.”
― Albert Einstein






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